City of Abilene - Water Watch Notice

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Water Watch Notice: Beginning July 5, 2024, Until Further Notice
Water Watch July 2024 (Newsflash)
The water level in all city well fields is at concerningly low levels. Although the precipitation for this year has been better than in years past, it still falls short of ending the drought. Without some decent rain in the next couple of weeks, the city will move to a water watch status to help maintain the integrity of our public water supply. The water table in all but two of the city wells is below the 25-year average. The lack of precipitation has increased water usage and impacted the city’s reserve capacity.

Without significant precipitation, the city will issue a water watch for all city water customers beginning July 5, 2024, and continuing until rescinded by the City Manager.

During a water watch, the public is asked to employ voluntary water conservation measures per City Cody 7-1004:

Upon declaration of a Water Watch or Water Warning, as provided in Sections 7-1003, the City Manager or other designated official is authorized to call on all water customers to employ voluntary water conservation measures to limit or eliminate non-essential water uses, including but not limited to, limitations on the following uses:

(a) Class 1 use of water:

Shall be defined as water used for outdoor watering, either public or private, for gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, plants, parks, golf courses, playing fields, swimming pools, or other recreational areas, or the washing or motor vehicles, boats, trailers, or the exterior of any building or structure

(b) Waste of water - includes but is not limited to:

(1) permitting water to escape down a street, roadway, or other surface intended for vehicle driving purposes and any gutter, ditch, or other surface drain; or permitting water to escape down a gutter, ditch, or other surface drain

(2) failure to repair a controllable leak of water due to defective plumbing

You can find the City of Abilene Water Conservation Plan and City Code on the city website,

Following these measures will help keep a healthy water supply for all citizens to enjoy.

Service Line Inventory Questionnaire

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Current Rate & Fee Schedule

Dickinson Country Rural Water District #2

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New Meter Fee                                          $5,000.00

Late Fee                                                               5%

Transfer Fee                                                     $0.00

Returned Check Fee                                       $30.00

Reconnection Fee                                         $100.00

Feasibility Fee (Non-refundable)                   $300.00

Water Protection Fee                                        .0032

Water Rate                             $6.25 per 1,000 gallons



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